Insurance plan of Johannesburg: Transvaal Province, South Africa, January 1938

The activities or company name, on each erf (stand), in every block, in the central and commercial areas of Johannesburg are shown. The files are named after the streets appearing at the top of each sheet. Each sheet shows four streets to the south of this and four east to west.
67 Sheets in 3 vols. v. 1 Sheets 2 - 21 (Fordsburg, Newtown & Marshalls Town), 1937 ; v. 2 Sheets 26 - 46; (City Centre, Marshalls Town & Wemmer), 1937 v. 3 Sheets 50 - 67 (City Centre, City and Suburban & Doornfontein), 1938. Each sheet 64 x 54 cm. Error v. 2 Sheet 44 and v. 3 Sheet 55 at end of file sequence
Fire insurance. South Africa. Johannesburg. Maps , Buildings. South Africa. Johannesburg. Maps
Goad. Insurance plan of Johannesburg.