Reports 12 to 27 of the Technical Committee on Constitutional Issues

This volume contains reports 12-27 of the Technical Committee on Constitutional Issues, and deals with a wide range of constitutional issues: Report 12 deals with the structure and functioning of the courts in the new South Africa. The 13th report deals with local government and outstanding matters requiring the urgent attention of the Negotiating Council. Report 14 deals with the office of the Ombudsman and the Human Rights Commission. The 15th report presents proposals for provisions relating to the establishment of a Commission for Administration and the Public Service. Report 16 deals with the procedure for the election of the President of the Republic of South Africa. The 17th report deals with issues related to finance. It deals with the transfer of assets and liabilities from the existing administration to the new administration. Provision also had to be made for the operation of a national revenue account, the control of state expenditure, the appointment of an independent Auditor General and the establishment of the Fiscal and Financial Commission. Report 18 deals with issues regarding the establishment of provinces and provincial legislatures. Report 19 deals with the executive powers of the Republic, such as the election, powers and functions of the President, as well as the accountability of ministers and the Cabinet. Report 20 deals with the establishment, status and financing of local government. Report 21 contains constitutional principles as they were presented to the Negotiating Council in the draft outline of the Constitution on 20th August 1993. Report 22 covers procurement procedures, the disqualification of members of Parliament, the vesting of property, the National Revenue Fund, and the powers of the Auditor General and the Reserve Bank. Report 23 contains part of the draft Constitution relating to the Public Protector, the Human Rights Commission, the Auditor General, the South African Reserve Bank, the Financial and Fiscal Commission, the Public Service Commission and the Public Service. Report 24 is a preliminary draft of chapter 10 of the Constitution which deals with traditional authorities and local government. Report 25 contains a draft of chapter 7 of the Constitution dealing with the judiciary, local government and a new chapter on local authorities. The 26th report contains a draft of chapters 1-2 and schedule 7 of the Constitution dealing with formal and constituent provisions, citizenship and the franchise and Constitutional principles. Report 27 contains a draft of chapters 13 and 14 of the Constitution, dealing with the South African police force, the establishment of a national defence force and general and transitional provisions.
Constitutional Law—South Africa , South Africa—Constitution (1994)--History