Essays by Brian S. Lee



• Godfrey of Bouillon: The Ninth Worthy

• ‘This is no fable’: Historical Residues in Two Mediæval Exempla

• Antichrist and Allegory in Langland’s Last Passus

• Christian Adornment in The Man of Law’s Tale

• The Question of Closure in Fragment V of The Canterbury Tales

• Justice in The Physician’s Tale and The Pardoner’s Tale: A Dialogic Contrast

• Seen and Sometimes Heard: Piteous and Pert Children in Mediæval English Literature

• A Poem ‘Clepid the Sevene Ages’

• Florimell and Galatea: Statuesque Love in the Middle Ages

• From Hall Floor to Traverse and Stage: Essay Review of Richard Southern, The Staging of Plays Before Shakespeare

• ‘Well done of rash Virginius’: Renaissance Transformations of Livy’s Account of the Fall of the Decemvirs

• Queen Margaret’s Curse on Richard of Gloucester

• The ‘Grosse Villanies’ of Captain John Brookes

• Walter Charleton and the Matron of Ephesus: Chaucerian Parody in the Seventeenth-Century Anti-Feminist Controversy