Independent Electoral Commission Bill : drafts

The Independent Electoral Commission Bill was drafted six times before it was finally accepted. The aim of the Bill was to provide for the establishment of the Independent Electoral Commission. The Commission would be responsible for ensuring that elections were conducted in a free and fair manner. Draft one was tabled at a meeting of the Negotiating Council on 21 May 1993. The draft was compiled by three members of the Technical Committee – Mr R B Rosenthal, Prof. D. Davis and Adv. H. R. Laubscher. The second draft expanded on the functions and duties of the Independent Electoral Commission and noted that the Act would possibly have to be amended to accommodate the redrafting of the existing Electoral Act. The third draft of the Bill contains a large number of textual changes, accompanied by footnotes to explain the changes. The purpose of the fourth draft was to formulate the Bill into a document suitable for presentation to Parliament. The Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Independent Electoral Commision Bill contains draft 5 of the Bill, as well as an explanatory memorandum, which states that all differences which had arisen during debates had been resolved. Added phrases and clauses are highlighted in bold type. Draft six is the final draft.
Independent Electoral Commission Bill : drafts , Independent Electoral Commission Act : drafts