Report of the Commission on the Demarcation /Delimitation of SPRs

On 28th May 1993, the Negotiating Council of the Multiparty Negotiating Process established the Commission on the Delimitation/Demarcation of SPRs (states, provinces, regions). The Commission consisted of 15 members and was given a time frame of 6 weeks to complete its mandate. The Commission held its first meeting on 8th June 1993 and reached a decision by 31 July 1993. The task of the Commission was to make recommendations on the demarcation of SPRs in South Africa. The question of structures, powers and functions of the SPRs was not included in the Commission’s terms of reference. The Commission was required to hear representations from the public , and to allow all interested parties to submit their views within a specific period of time. The Commission’s working procedure was to gather information and to hear evidence. They then processed the information and prepared a final report. The Commission did not try to predetermine the appropriate number of SPRs nor their size. Rather it sought to obtain guidance on these issues by examining submissions received, and by applying the criteria provided by the Negotiating Council. They also took into account international experience regarding the process of demarcation of regions and the criteria for the demarcation of regions. The Commission reported back to the Negotiating Council and recommended that 9 regions be demarcated.
Regional planning South Africa , Boundaries South Africa