Survey of available information on the criteria for the demarcation of regions

The Commission on the Demarcation/Delimitation of Regions undertook a survey of the information pertaining to the demarcation of regions, including where such information was located and in what form it was available. Using designated criteria for the demarcation of regions as the terms of reference, the Commission was able to identify the types of information that might be needed. The survey was preliminary in nature, and was therefore not comprehensive. The categories of information collected were grouped into the following topics: 1. Socio-economic/development 2. Physical infrastructure 3. Social infrastructure (Health, Education and Welfare) 4. Institutional and administrative capacity 5. Finances, including income and expenditures of TBVC, SGT and regional governments 6. Maps of boundaries (i.e. provincial, magisterial, district and RCS boundaries). Information and data published in articles, institutional documents and statistical reports are included in the survey. The survey also includes a development information framework document, which was provided by the Development Bank of Southern Africa's Centre for Information Analysis. In addition to this, the Department of National Health and Population Development provided a document on health trends in South Africa.
Regional planning South Africa