Submissions received

These documents contain submissions from individuals, traditional leaders, political parties, municipalities and NGOs regarding the division of South Africa into regions. Many of them contain maps illustrating the proposed regions. The submissions are broken down into categories, which unfortunately exclude submissions from individuals: Technocratic submissions. These submissions present scenarios based solely on technical criteria, such as water supply, telecommunications, electricity, policing, etc. They contain no references to political criteria such as legitimacy. None of these submissions recommend that further consultation might be necessary. Right Wing submissions. There are 4 submissions in this category. All of them refer to specific regions which they claim as a “volkstaat”. They all propose different regions for a “volkstaat”. Only one of the submissions makes reference to mechanisms for grassroots consultation among Afrikaners regarding regional boundaries. National Political Actors. There are 8 submissions in this category from political parties. Some of the parties suggested that further consultation was needed. Political actors such as the Transkei, Ciskei and Bophutatswana produced regionally specific, rather than national maps. Others. These include submissions from various organization such as SACOB, DBSA, Free Market Foundation, NAFCOC, etc.
Regional planning South Africa