Document pack / Plenary Session, Multi-Party Negotiating Process

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    Document pack
    (CODESA, 1993) South Africa. Multi-Party Negotiating Process. Plenary Session
    The document pack consists of four volumes. Volume 1 contains guidelines and rules for the Plenary, as well as descriptions of Bills already approved. Also contained in this volume are the following documents: The Bilateral Understanding on Outstanding Constitutional Issues Between the South African Government and the African National Congress, the System for the Election of the National Assembly and SPL , and Provisions Which Will be Included Elsewhere in the Constitution. Volume two contains breakdowns of the following Bills: The Transitional Executive Council Bill, The Independent Electoral Commission Bill, The Independent Media Commission Bill and the Independent Broadcasting Authority Bill. Volume three contains the report from the Commission on Regions/States/Provinces, as well as the reports of the Commission on National Symbols and the Task Group on the Identification and Repeal of Legislation Impeding Free Political Activity. The volume also contains a list of contributors to the Multi-Party Negotiating Process, as well as the schedule for the meetings of the Negotiating Forum, Negotiating Council and Planning Committee . There is also a list of participants from Foreign Missions. Volume four contains the 1993 draft of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.