Independent Media Commission Bill: drafts and special reports

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    Independent Media Commission Bill : drafts and special reports
    (CODESA, 1993) South Africa. Negotiating Council of the Multi-Party Negotiating Process. Technical Committee on the Independent Media Commission and the Independent Telecommunications Authority
    The aim of the Independent Media Commission Bill was to establish the Independent Media Commission for the purpose of ensuring, during the period of the first national election for the National Assembly and other legislatures, the equitable treatment of political parties by broadcasting services. The Bill further sought to ensure that state financed publications and state information services did not advance the interests of any political party. The Bill also contains the composition, powers, functions and duties of the Commission. This document contains drafts 6-12 (final) of the Bill, as well as the special reports on the 9th and 10th drafts of the Bill. The agenda for the discussion of the final draft of the Bill is also included.