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    Report on regions
    (CODESA, 1993) South Africa. Negotiating Council of the Multi-Party Negotiating Process. Planning Committee on Regions
    On 7th May 1993, the Negotiating Council agreed that the Planning Committee should submit recommendations to it on the appointment, terms of reference and time frames of either a commission or a committee on regions. The Planning Committee asked the Technical Committee on Constitutional Issues for recommendations in this regard. The Technical Committee reported, that based on the submissions it had received, there appeared to be broad agreement that the most suitable form of state for the future would be one which would involve all allocation of powers to a central government and regional governments. The differences that existed related to boundaries, and the powers and functions of the regions. The Technical Committee suggested that there was a clear role for a broadly based Commission which could deal with demarcation issues. The Committee gave recommendations regarding the establishment of the Commission, its composition, terms of reference and functions. A suggestion was made that the Commission be required to submit its recommendations to the Negotiating Council, no later than one month after its appointment. A recommendation was made that the Commission should take the following factors into consideration: historical boundaries, the need to rationalize existing structures (including the TBVC states and self- governing territories), the need to minimize inconvenience to the people, cultural and language realities, economic viability, developmental potential and demographic considerations. The Planning Committee, with the assistance of the Technical Committee was tasked with preparing draft terms of reference for the Commission, which would then be considered by the Negotiating Council.