Supplementary reports

This document contains four supplementary reports which the Technical Committee on Constitutional Issues submitted to the Negotiating Council. The contents of these reports consists mainly of amendments of sections of the Committee’s original reports on draft constitutional principles . The first supplementary report deals with issues contained in paragraph 2 of the Technical Committee’s third report, which were referred back to the Committee for reformulation. The second supplementary report contains responses to a number of issues raised by the Negotiating Council in response to paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Committee’s third report. Where issues were raised, the Committee identified them and made the necessary recommendations for the finalization of the relevant constitutional principles. The issues raised mainly centered around the wording of the principles regarding the status of indigenous laws and traditional leadership, and the fiscal powers and functions of different levels of government. The third supplementary report deals with the issues which were raised when the constitutional principles were revisited during a debate in the Negotiating Council. Once again, where issues were raised, they were identified and the necessary amendments were made. The fourth supplementary report deals with outstanding matters, and with certain typographical and grammatical errors in the constitutional principles adopted by the Negotiating Forum
Constitutional law--South Africa