Plan of the Eastern Frontier Cape of Good Hope and the adjacent country of the Kaffr [sic] tribes. The red tint[s] shew the present colonial boundary; the military posts are marked in red. [Map 14]

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Reid, John
Great Britain. Army. Royal Engineers
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Topographical map giving a view of the eastern frontier before the war of the Axe of 1847. The table of distances between the towns and forts was unusual at the time.
Compiled and drawn by J. Reid. Decr 1846. - Scale of 8 miles to an inch [1:506,880]. - I coloured manuscript map in ink on linen backed paper; 46 x 68 cm. - Orientation; magnetic and true north. - Grid drawn in pencil. - Grahamstown Royal Engineers' office stamp 1861; A.3; O.47 on verso. - Table of latitudes of principal place. - Table of distances.
Cape Colony. Boundaries , Cape of Good Hope (South Africa). Boundaries , Eastern Cape (South Africa). Boundaries , Eastern Frontier