Map on the Eastern Frontier of the Cape of Good Hope and the bordering county of Kafir [sic] tribes, to explain Lt Colonel Lewis's report dated 18th March. [Map 7]

Reid, John
Great Britain. Army. Royal Engineers
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The Map shows the great Fish River as the eastern border of the Colony except for a strip of the coast line going east to just short of the Kei River. This was the frontier subsequent to treaties the Xhosa made with Sir Andries Stockenstroom in December 1836.
Copied by John Reid, Private R.S. and Miners, 28th Octr. - 1944. - Scale 69.1 English miles = 1 degree; 15 Dutch miles = 1 degree [1:822,292]. - 1 coloured manuscript map in in ink on wove paper; 38 x 44 cm. Orientation; true and magnetic north; standard degree grid based on Greenwich. - Grahamstown Royal Engineers' office stamp 1861; A12. - F/11 on map and on verso. - Reference table
Cape Colony. Boundaries , Cape of Good Hope (South Africa). Boundaries , Frontier. Eastern Cape (South Africa)