Working documents for CODESA 2, 15 & 16 May 1992

Convention for a Democratic South Africa : (Kempton Park, South Africa)
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Volume one contains the standing rules of CODESA and the assignments and terms of reference of 4 of the 5 Working Groups. Working group 1 was tasked with addressing itself to the creation of a climate for free political activity for all South Africans. They were also asked to consider the role that the International Community could play in the period leading up to the new constitution. Working Group 3 had to make recommendations as to how the country should be governed until the introduction of the new Constitution. Working Group 4 had to consider the future of the TBVC states , with a view to their re-incorporation into South Africa. Working Group 5 was asked to set up time frames for the completion of all the processes and assignments undertaken by CODESA, its working groups and other bodies created as a result of the decisions of CODESA. The report for Working group 2 is not included in this volume, but can be found in volume 2.
Standing rules of CODESA , CODESA Working Group 1 report , CODESA Working Group 3 report , CODESA Working Group 4 report , CODESA Working Group 5 report