Sketch of the route from Whittlesea to Burgersdorp called for by the Qr Mr Genl's letter 21st Octr. 1852. [Map 22]

Tylden, Richard, 1819-1855.
McLintock, W
Great Britain. Army. Royal Engineers
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The route on the map passes due north through the districts of North Victoria, Cradock and Albert across the Stormberg Mountains. Smaller roads, settlements along rivers, and certain prominent peaks are shown.
Sketched between 27th Octr. and 2nd Novr. 1852.[initialled] R.T. Copied Corpl. McLintock R.S.& M. 3rd July 1853; [Signed original?] Richd Tylden Capt & Comg R.Engr. Sovereignty expedition 18th January 1853. - Scale 4 miles to 1 inch [1:253,440]. - 1 coloured manuscript map in ink on fine wove paper; 75 x 48 cm. - Orientation: magnetic north. - Lacks Royal Engineer's stamp; 89/197; O/61 and R/6 on verso. - [Note] To accompany Capt. Tylden's letter to the Commanding Royal Engineer 7 dated 18th January 1853.
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