Milton and the Water Supply of Cambridge

Campbell, Gordon
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The Southern African Society for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (SASMARS)
Milton, by contrast, wanted to be in charge of the ways he was to be remembered. In 1674, at the age of 65, he began to think about the profile of publications that he would bequeath to posterity. In the years since his sixtieth birthday he had begun to empty his filing cabinet with a view to publishing those youthful works that had never found a publisher. In 1669 he had blown the dust off the Latin grammar that he had written in the 1640s and published it as Accedence Commenced Grammar; in 1670 he had registered Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes for publication: the former was a fairly recent work, but Samson was a play on which Milton had worked intermittently for many years, and he revised it thoroughly before publication. He published these two works together in 1671, and the following year published his youthful Artis Logicae. In 1673 he published the second edition of his Poems, adding the short poems that he had written since the first edition of 1645. In 1674 he published the second edition of Paradise Lost, which he had reworked as a poem in 12 books. The filing cabinet was almost empty, but Milton’s timing was exemplary—a few months later he was to move to the great seminar room in the sky.
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