Sketch shewing the site of the new military post at Fort Murray, County Lincoln, British Kaffraria. [Map 19]

Stanton, Edward
Robertson, Charles Duesbury.
Inglis, T.
Great Britain. Army. Royal Engineers
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Shows the old and new Fort Murray and a cross section of the ground on which the new Fort was erected. The Buffalo River and the roads to King William's Town and East London are also shown.
[Signed] Edw. Stanton Lieut. R Engrs Sept 20th 1850; C.D. Robinson Capt Roy Eng 20/9/50; T. Inglis L.R.E. for the Commg Royl Engr. E.F. Sick 17 Decr. 1850. - Scale main map: horizontal scale 12 inches = 1 mile [1:5,280]; section horizontal scale I inch = 400 [Gunter] links [1:3.168]; vertical scale 1 inch = 100 feet [1:1,200]. - 1 coloured manuscript map in ink on fine wove paper; 56 x 45 cm. - Orientation magnetic and true north. - Grahamstown Royal Engineers' office stamp 1861; B.23; B.K 3. - [Note] Forwarded in pursuance of Par. 2 Sec. 12 Eng. code. Reference; Old Post handed over to Kaffir [sic] Police. Engineer Yard, with the exception of the two huts, handed over to T'Slambie Commissioner for civil purposes and Kaffir [sic] School Room.
Fort Murray , Buffalo River , Cape Colony , Eastern Frontier