Plan of the ground in the neighbourhood of Block Drift, near to the Chumie River in British Kaffirland [sic], shewing the position whereon the Commander in Chief has directed a temporary post be erected. S. site of the post called Fort Hare. [Map 15]

Stokes, John
Great Britain. Army. Royal Engineers
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This map shows in detail the area in which Fort Hare was built in 1847, after the War of the Axe. It was on the Xhosa side of the Tyhume River.
Signed J. Stokes Lieut. R.E. 18th Decr. 1846. - Scale 3 inches to a mile [1:21,120]. - 1 coloured manuscript map in ink on wove paper; 32 x 51 cm. - Orientation: true north. - Grid drawn in pencil. - Grahamstown Royal Engineers' stamp 1861; B 26; F 21 on verso. - Pencil note; Sd. J. Walpole Capt. CRE.E.F.; Copy forwarded with estimate to I.G. Works dated 21st Decr. 1846
Fort Hare , Chumie River , Tyhume River , Block Drift