Reports of the Technical Committee onViolence.

South Africa. Negotiating Council of the Multi-Party Negotiating Process. Technical Committee on Violence.
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Consists of reports 1-5 of the Technical Committee on Violence, which were compiled between May and July 1993. The Committee received over 90 submissions, and the common thread running through all of these submissions was the conviction that political negotiations could not succeed unless there was a reduction in violence. Among the submissions was a recommendation that all parties involved in the Multi-Party negotiating process should sign the Peace Accord, and that the Peace Accord should be strengthened. The Committee made a number of recommendations with regards to acceptable forms of political rivalry, in an effort to reduce politically motivated violence. The Committee submitted 13 proposals to the Negotiating Council and recommended that the Council adopt the proposals, in order to eliminate violence. The final report contains issues raised by the Negotiating Council at its meeting on 22nd June 1993, and the Committee’s responses to these issues.
National Peace Accord , Political violence , Negotiating Council