Reports of the Technical Committee on the Repeal or Amendment of Legislation Impeding Free Political Activity and Discriminatory Legislation

The Technical Committee on the Repeal of Discriminatory Legislation was tasked with investigating discriminatory legislation which impeded free political activity. This included discriminatory laws which constituted the foundations of political apartheid, laws which were inherently discriminatory, and laws which impeded free and fair elections. The Committee was asked to prepare a report which would include a schedule dealing with laws to be repealed and laws to be amended. The Committee was also tasked with preparing a “Higher Code”. The purpose of the Code was to serve as a “higher law” to be used for judging all Acts that could impede free and fair elections. This document contains 3 reports of the Committee. The first report dated 13th May, 1993, contains the Committee’s proposals for accomplishing its tasks, as well as the principles and powers to be contained in the “Higher Code”. The final report of 1st June, 1993, contains a list of discriminatory laws, as well as the “Higher Code”. Annexure B contains Government Gazette no. 14591 of 19th February 1993, which consists of draft Bills. Annexure C contains submissions from various political parties on the repeal of discriminatory legislation. The third report of 15th July, 1993, to the Negotiating Council, contains the outcome of the Committee’s meetings with the Transitional Executive Council, the Independent Electoral Commission, and the Committee for Fundamental Rights during Transition.
Discriminatory legislation, South Africa , Election law, South Africa , Political freedom , Human rights